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WakeKite - Surf Expo Poster (+ extras)

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I've done a lot of illustrations for WakeKite since the beginning. Thought I'd share a couple of'm now with yuh. The first being off to the left there, a poster I drew up for 2006 Surf Expo.

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WakeKite - Kite Designer

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I began creation of this for slightly selfish purposes. I was going to have to create a lot of designs and mock-ups for this product, so I decided to make an app that would allow me to create many different variations quickly. Also, in order to update designs category, you just have to create a new graphic. I was also hoping that in the future we'd be able to put this on the site, and allow the user to create their own kite.

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WakeKite - Clothing Designer

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My boss was having all kinds of ideas of where the company could branch out. And all sports seem to have some kind of clothing line. So I put together a clothing designer that'd allow the user to apply what designs they want and what colors they'd want to specific clothes.