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This is no where near done. But I liked it enough to post it, cuz I likes it's moxy. I started this to familiarize myself further with OOP and Flash Develop. Also I felt like drawing, animating, and making a robot work. My favorite part is the double-jump. The length of the flame is determined by the distance from the robot to the ground, so it appears that the thrust is decreasing as you

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Banfield - Millionaire

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When I first started working here they had a couple game interactions and there were plans for this one. After they saw what I could do they put it on my plate and this is what I came up with.

It's all XML driven so you can customize it anyway that you want.

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Poop Bunny v.2

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This crazy little game grew out of a very simple idea. In the first version the bunny was the cursor and you could make him poop when you clicked the mouse. It actually turned out to be a drawing app. Then that evolved into this game.

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This was a character design for a game that me and my friend Ben were working on for the game Mass Entropy for Guerilla Contingent. We got a fair distance into this project. He actually came up with a system where me and him could control different characters over the net. It was pretty funny