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Ensure - Muscle Health

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I really enjoyed working on this project, mainly because I did most of it from scratch. Well, at least this shot. Originally this was going to just be a still shot at the end of a commercial, but after I finished the scene, Ensure liked it so much that they wanted it to be an animated shot.

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Ensure - Randomness

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During my time at Bent, I was asked to worked on multiple images for Ensure. Some of the projects involved modeling, texturing, blocking, rendering, or a little rigging. I definitely learned a lot from working on these projects. So here are some random images of different things I created for Ensure.

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Glass Vegas

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So I've been watching a lot of the NBC show Las Vegas, and the first season had a lot of people throwing CG dice. And I kept thinking to myself, "man, I could make something more realistic than that". So I put my money where my cynicism was and modeled some dice. That was probably easiest part

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Charger Crash

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I was in the mood to play around with a Charger model that I built a while ago. I rigged it up so that the steering wheel had proper locking rotation of the front wheels, and so that when you moved the main controller back and forth the wheels would spin appropriately. There's also a control to disable the auto-roll of the wheels for animating brake locks and such.

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Adherion assets

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We were making this virtual lounge that people would be able go login to for the Adherion site. So I was in charge of making a lot of 3-d assets to place around the lounge. Production of the lounge didn't go very far, but here are a couple of the images I liked.