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Sun Kiss Tan

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It seems that around the end of my tenure at this job I was able to do some more creative projects. This was one of those where I got to handle a majority of it from start to end. By majority, I mean that I didn't have to answer to many people on this one, and was able to design and develop some stuff without the worry of having to please all the cooks in the kitchen.

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Connect 4

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I applied for a job recently, and as part of the application process they gave you the option to skip the whole interview process and just make something instead. I hate interviews, and have always believed that a business should hire based on skill, especially in industries where the whole job is based on that. I mean c'mon, anybody can lie their way through an interview, but you

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Mends Music Player

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It's been years since I've had to build a music player, but ever since Adobe came out with compute spectrum I've wanted to try messing around with one again. Alas nothing ever came up that afforded me the opportunity to give it a go.

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A talented friend of mine has been welding sculptures for a while now. He was going to be having a show so he hit me up to put a website together for him. It's pretty basic; it's been a while since he's done anything with html so I put some simple controls together so that he could go in and edit stuff pretty easily.

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Digital Clock

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I was watching an episode of Dr. Who, the one where the "Master" takes over the world, turns the Doctor into one of those Harry Potter servant lookin' dudes, and is flying around in a big sky ship. Well in the background there's this digital clock that's always counting away. And I noticed that instead of just blinking to the next number, it appeared to flip, like an old analog clock.

Google Favs

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So this is one of those projects that started before it's time, about three years before it's time to be specific. The original app used some screen caps I took of the Portland area from Google. Then I found the general X and Y equivalents to what the locations latitude and longitude would be on the fake map.