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This was a combination of a couple drawings. I was super hyped about the coming release of the new Transformers remake. After I went and saw it I guess I just lost steam on it. I still really like the line-art, and hopefully one of these days I'll get around to painting it up.

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Ocean Warrior - IWRF Sub

Just some model designs for a potential vehicle in the Ocean Warrior game.

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Ocean Warrior - Sub Birthing Chamber

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A concept for Ocean Warrior. This would've been a birthing chamber inside of this massive IWRF tanker ship.

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This was a tattoo design for a friend of mine that lives in Hawaii.

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I did some designs for an online tattoo shop. It was a place that shops could go and buy .. I think it was called tattoo splash or something like that, basically all the tattoo designs you'd see hanging on a tattoo parlors wall or in one of their books. This is one of the ones I liked.

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Self Portrait

Clothing has always been a bit of a hurdle. Recently we've been studying the way clothing folds when it sits on a subject. While sitting in another class I started sketching and came up with this. With no reference mind you, all outta the ol' noodle.