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Ocean Warrior - IWRF Sub thumbnail

Ocean Warrior - IWRF Sub

Just some model designs for a potential vehicle in the Ocean Warrior game.

Ocean Warrior - Sub Birthing Chamber thumbnail

Ocean Warrior - Sub Birthing Chamber

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A concept for Ocean Warrior. This would've been a birthing chamber inside of this massive IWRF tanker ship.

Ocean Warrior - Hong Kong thumbnail

Ocean Warrior - Hong Kong

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This was a project for Stardust Interactive. Me and a team of 4 others were working for months creating models and concept art for a game called Ocean Warrior. It was going to be a mix between Tony Hawk and WaterWorld.

Morse Keyboard thumbnail

Morse Keyboard

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This was going to be for a login screen or some kind of kiosk interface in the Ocean Warrior game. Give it a go, unfortunately it doesn't have the space character in there, but go crazy with any other letters.