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Sun Kiss Tan

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It seems that around the end of my tenure at this job I was able to do some more creative projects. This was one of those where I got to handle a majority of it from start to end. By majority, I mean that I didn't have to answer to many people on this one, and was able to design and develop some stuff without the worry of having to please all the cooks in the kitchen.

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AK-Worldwide Logo Animation

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There's kind of a round-about way of how I came to do this for Alicia Keys' company AK-Worldwide which you can read more about here. For this post I'll just explain the basic process I went through to make this.

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Totem Logo

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This logo was designed for a Flash gaming company. There were a couple different ideas going on with this logo. One of them was MVC (Model, View, Control), a programming term. If you look at the logo you may see the literal and figurative representation of those letters. Also, based on each game the logo would change. It wasn't determined if it'd just be a color

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Hotel Modera logo animation

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A friend of mine works at the Modera Hotel downtown. We've been making videos for a looong time, since high school. He recently hit me up to do a short animated logo for the end of a video he was putting together for the hotel. One of those videos that, when you get into your room, turn on the TV, you'll see a video about the hotel or city.

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Banfield - Dogs On The Run

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Since I was 1 of 2 artists in the building I was approached to come up with a logo for our companies running team, Dogs on the Run. My original thought was greyhounds, since they're the fastest and all. But then they said they wanted them to be humanoid, so I was like "you want werewolves?

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Altered Gaming Logo

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A buddy of mine was putting together a gaming company called Altered Gaming. And he wanted me to come up with a logo. This was my first go (that got rejected). Well at least it'll live on in my site. There's a mix of hand-animation and motion-tweens goin' on here.