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CE v3

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It's finally done! A little while after I finished version 2 of my site I kept thinking to myself "man, it'd be nice to have that, or this, or that", and so on. So I've been taking notes of things that liked, or new features that I wanted to implement. During those couple of years I was applying band-aids to my all Flash site so that I could post different kinds of content.

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A talented friend of mine has been welding sculptures for a while now. He was going to be having a show so he hit me up to put a website together for him. It's pretty basic; it's been a while since he's done anything with html so I put some simple controls together so that he could go in and edit stuff pretty easily.

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Guerilla Contingent

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A friend and I were thinking about putting a Flash game site together where we could post the projects we worked on. We got as far as one game, and building the site, but life made us focus on our full-time jobs so the whole venture fell on the way side.

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Santas Supply

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This was another mock-up for a supply store, the store was located in Christmas valley hence the Santa.

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I was working for a couple companies during this time trying to make ends meat. One of which was Adherion. The plan of this company was to make advertisement games for big name companies (or anyone who had the cash to pay). If I remember correctly that's a mock-up for a beer company game in the top left. Basically it'd be like the old school Donkey Kong,

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Welp, I've done such a good job with the face lift on Scout Parts and the new skins for Travelall and Farmall that they wanted me to work muh magic on their lighting site as well. I like the way this one came out, nice simple lines and just a couple colors. As per usual I was the graphics guy and Ben was the code guy.