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Sun Kiss Tan

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It seems that around the end of my tenure at this job I was able to do some more creative projects. This was one of those where I got to handle a majority of it from start to end. By majority, I mean that I didn't have to answer to many people on this one, and was able to design and develop some stuff without the worry of having to please all the cooks in the kitchen.

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Award Winning Implant Surgeons

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This was a second incarnation of the Award Winning sites. The first was built to look like an award, where this one was designed to be a bit more slick and clean. I learned a lot from the first one, so I had a little more fun with this go around.

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Award Winning Cosmetic Surgeons

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A site designed and developed for the For Doctors by Doctors network.

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Went to the Cherry Blossom festival at the Portland waterfront with some friends. While we were down there I had the pleasure of seeing Takohachi, a Japanese drum band, or Taiko group. I liked them so much that I checked out their site when I got home. After perusing their site for a bit I decided to do a redesign for the fun of it. I didn't go too crazy with the redesign, instead I

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Dental Dynamics

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I was tasked with redesigning the main practice site for Dental Dynamics. This project presented many challenges. For one, the whole site was built in WordPress and this would be my first time diving into WordPress. This alone was a bit challenging since I not only had to redesign and develop a new site, but I also had to learn and utilize the WordPress codex.

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Ford N Tractor

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I received an email from a blast from the past. The employer that gave me my start in web design and development, Caelestis. They wanted me to do a re-design of their Ford N Tractor website.