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Microsoft Mobile - Handheld Technology

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For this project I had to duplicate the style of a previous animation that had already been completed. I was given most of the visual elements, but some had to be created. Besides that, the whole thing had to be blocked out and animated to match the VO (voice over) that was already recorded. The whole thing took about a couple days.

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Charger Crash

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I was in the mood to play around with a Charger model that I built a while ago. I rigged it up so that the steering wheel had proper locking rotation of the front wheels, and so that when you moved the main controller back and forth the wheels would spin appropriately. There's also a control to disable the auto-roll of the wheels for animating brake locks and such.

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Glove Buddie

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This is for a product designed by a guy in the Mt. Hood area. Basically you attach the Glove Buddie to a heating vent in your car, then you strap a wet glove to the device and the cars heater will dry the glove.

Did a lot of work on this. Asset creation, character rigging, texturing, animation, rendering, & and editing.

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Ocean Warrior - Hong Kong

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This was a project for Stardust Interactive. Me and a team of 4 others were working for months creating models and concept art for a game called Ocean Warrior. It was going to be a mix between Tony Hawk and WaterWorld.

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What's Real

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I made this for an editing class I was taking in college. Actually ended up winning the 'best editing' award, which I couldn't accept in person cuz off on another glamorous movie shoot.. I was actually working at my medium wage job. But I did get the night off when they premiered all the short films at the Aladdin. It was a trip seeing something I made on a big screen.

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Demo Reel

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Ok, so here's my demo reel. A compilation of some of the better stuff that I created while at college. It shows off a mash of illustration, design, animation, editing, and compositing. Give it a watch, and I hope you enjoy.