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Gift a Smile

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This was one of the more fun and creative projects I got to work on at this job. They wanted to include these little gift cards with every post-op bag that they gave to patients. Allowing them to give it to one of their friends or a family member to get a free whitening or whatever special we may be having.

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Postcard campaign

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I was tasked with putting together a new snail-mail campaign for work. The campaign would be mailed to a certain range of people within the Portland or Lake Oswego areas based on who was closest to each office location. I did a couple for one office, one for our other location, and another

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Daug Mead

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Some friends from work have been bakin' up a batch Mead for the past couple weeks and they wanted to get a label made up for their bottles. They were going to call it DAUG mead which is a mix of Dachshund and Pug. So they gave me a couple references of what they wanted

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Ensure - Muscle Health

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I really enjoyed working on this project, mainly because I did most of it from scratch. Well, at least this shot. Originally this was going to just be a still shot at the end of a commercial, but after I finished the scene, Ensure liked it so much that they wanted it to be an animated shot.

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Ensure - Randomness

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During my time at Bent, I was asked to worked on multiple images for Ensure. Some of the projects involved modeling, texturing, blocking, rendering, or a little rigging. I definitely learned a lot from working on these projects. So here are some random images of different things I created for Ensure.

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Charmin Bears - 3D

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This was one of those projects I have a love hate relationship with. We were tasked with converting some well known 2-d characters into 3-d. This is never easy, especially since there are so many cheats available to people creating a 2-d character. We were given some random references