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Gift a Smile

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This was one of the more fun and creative projects I got to work on at this job. They wanted to include these little gift cards with every post-op bag that they gave to patients. Allowing them to give it to one of their friends or a family member to get a free whitening or whatever special we may be having.

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Postcard campaign

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I was tasked with putting together a new snail-mail campaign for work. The campaign would be mailed to a certain range of people within the Portland or Lake Oswego areas based on who was closest to each office location. I did a couple for one office, one for our other location, and another

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Award Winning Implant Surgeons

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This was a second incarnation of the Award Winning sites. The first was built to look like an award, where this one was designed to be a bit more slick and clean. I learned a lot from the first one, so I had a little more fun with this go around.

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Dental Dynamics

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I was tasked with redesigning the main practice site for Dental Dynamics. This project presented many challenges. For one, the whole site was built in WordPress and this would be my first time diving into WordPress. This alone was a bit challenging since I not only had to redesign and develop a new site, but I also had to learn and utilize the WordPress codex.