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CE v3

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It's finally done! A little while after I finished version 2 of my site I kept thinking to myself "man, it'd be nice to have that, or this, or that", and so on. So I've been taking notes of things that liked, or new features that I wanted to implement. During those couple of years I was applying band-aids to my all Flash site so that I could post different kinds of content.

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Conceptual-Eyes v.2

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The second incarnation of my website is all Flash and powered by XML. I was going for simple, easy to navigate and compact. For this I had to come up with some custom functions that could create scrollbars, scalable windows that could hold any content, and an overlapping tab window that could contain dropdown lists.

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Alright, so here's my brand new site. The header is Flash and the little sprites flying around are all dynamic. Once they hit each other they make a little explosion. Was going for firing synapses with that one. Everything else is html and PS.