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Daug Mead

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Some friends from work have been bakin' up a batch Mead for the past couple weeks and they wanted to get a label made up for their bottles. They were going to call it DAUG mead which is a mix of Dachshund and Pug. So they gave me a couple references of what they wanted

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Totem Logo

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This logo was designed for a Flash gaming company. There were a couple different ideas going on with this logo. One of them was MVC (Model, View, Control), a programming term. If you look at the logo you may see the literal and figurative representation of those letters. Also, based on each game the logo would change. It wasn't determined if it'd just be a color

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Microsoft Mobile - Handheld Technology

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For this project I had to duplicate the style of a previous animation that had already been completed. I was given most of the visual elements, but some had to be created. Besides that, the whole thing had to be blocked out and animated to match the VO (voice over) that was already recorded. The whole thing took about a couple days.

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HP - Inkology

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This was a pretty fun project. There were a lot of things going on. A list of the things I had to accomplish was, title cards for different sections of the DVD, and accentuating the lecture with animations that are integrated into the video elements. It was a fairly challenging project due to the fact that there was a fair amount of motion tracking and roto, yet there

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NWEA bus stop

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I had this crazy-long interview process with NWEA (North West Education something something) for a job. Part of the process was coming up with an animation that they'd give you the criteria for and you'd have a couple days to do it. Once I got the info it took me about 8 hours to come up with this.

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Banfield - Cluster Scheduling

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This took me about a week to put together. Since this was a one-shot there was no development of characters or anything so the whole thing had to be hand-drawn. I haven't really done anything this complicated (by hand) so this was a challenge.