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Went to the Cherry Blossom festival at the Portland waterfront with some friends. While we were down there I had the pleasure of seeing Takohachi, a Japanese drum band, or Taiko group. I liked them so much that I checked out their site when I got home. After perusing their site for a bit I decided to do a redesign for the fun of it. I didn't go too crazy with the redesign, instead I decided to create something that was more reflective of their energy and heritage, and keeping with most of the colors they had already established on the site and their costumes.

Takohachi old home page Takohachi home page

Takohachi old profile page Takohachi about page

Takohachi old events page Takohachi events page

Takohachi old photos page Takohachi photos page

Takohachi old press page Takohachi press page