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This is no where near done. But I liked it enough to post it, cuz I likes it's moxy. I started this to familiarize myself further with OOP and Flash Develop. Also I felt like drawing, animating, and making a robot work. My favorite part is the double-jump. The length of the flame is determined by the distance from the robot to the ground, so it appears that the thrust is decreasing as you get closer to the ground. Anyway, play with it for yourself, I know it's ripe with bugs, but still fun none the less.


  • Hit F to spawn
  • Use A & D to walk
  • Use W to jump, hit it again while in the air to double-jump.
  • Once you pick up a weapon you can use your mouse to click and shoot. For now there's only one weapon, so try to avoid the other weapon circles.

Here's one of the first tests where I hooked up the animations. You have to click on the letters rather than using the the keyboard though.

Here's a slightly more polished version but the weapons aren't operational.

Eventually I plan to make it so you can get out of the robot and do some small missions on foot. Also you'll be able to customize your robot.