Ocean Warrior - Hong Kong

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This was a project for Stardust Interactive. Me and a team of 4 others were working for months creating models and concept art for a game called Ocean Warrior. It was going to be a mix between Tony Hawk and WaterWorld.

A quick rundown on the plot. An evil company called NERVA floods the world and it basically becomes a pirate land of sorts, but more hi-tech. Our hero Alex Wolfe works for the IWRF and is like this Mad Max character who polices the flooded cities trying to take out any NERVA agents he comes across.

This video was a pre-vis of what the Hong Kong level would be like, and was going to be shown to some investors down at E3. We had about a week to put it together as far as story-boarding, scene blocking, and animation. The rendering wasn't completed on time cuz our machines were dinosaurs and couldn't render fast enough. Plus we were plagued with program crashes while trying to render. So we just ended up showing them the pre-vis.

As far as my part in this thing. I did the story-boarding, blocking, animation, preview renders, particles, and editing. My girlfriend was unhappy with me for a little while, didn't really see much of each other during that time. So hit play, and get ready to get your world rocked! .. heh heh, nah, but I think you'll get the idea of what we were shooting for.

The song 'Machinehead' is property of Bush. Oh yeah, the sound starts a little ways in, FYI.