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This came about from a couple places. First I was watching Eagle Eye and I noticed what looked like a satellite scanning parts of a map on one of the screens in the background. I thought to myself "it might be kinda handy to have something like that in case I ever make a movie that needs something like that". So then I started thinking of how I would do that.

After sketching some thoughts down I decided to turn this into another exercise in learning OOP and Flash Develop. The result of all this yielded me a

  • list ordering class
  • window/dialog class
  • and some random & fun functions to play with.

One of the more difficult things was trying to simulate latitude and longitude. It's pretty close here, but not exact. If you right-click you'll see some options to play with.

  • Select Region in selected by default, this does what you'd expect. You can click drag a selection across the map, after doing so a 'zoom-lock' animation will occur.
  • Place Pin is my favorite and the most fun in my opinion. In the dialog you can set the size and color of the pin. Once you've placed at least 2 pins on the map, some extra options will become unlocked.
    • Draw : draws an arced line from one pin to the next in the order in which you placed it on the map.
    • Clear : removes all the pins from map.
    • Order Pins : opens another dialog that'll allow you to change the order in which the pins were placed on the map. Or you can delete a specific pin. When you select a pin from the list a yellow circle will appear around the corresponding pin.
  • Automated Grid will start selecting chunks of the map and saving them to memory. The size of the grid can be altered by one variable.
  • Automated Random will select randomly sized areas of the map and save them to memory.
  • Display all the images will display all the images that have been saved. You can click on the images to have them enlarge to their original size. To exit this area just click on anything but an image.

Everything is dynamic. So say you place a bunch of pins and have the lines draw themselves, you can then select a region and it'll capture the current state of the map. I imagine this could be useful in a couple instances. Say someone went on a vacation around the world, they can draw out their trip, save the image and post it on a blog or whatever.