Hotel Modera logo animation

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A friend of mine works at the Modera Hotel downtown. We've been making videos for a looong time, since high school. He recently hit me up to do a short animated logo for the end of a video he was putting together for the hotel. One of those videos that, when you get into your room, turn on the TV, you'll see a video about the hotel or city.

He didn't really give me any background to go on and we didn't know the meaning behind Modera, so I just mulled it over for a bit. I finally came to the idea that the rings that make up the 'O' reminded me of ripples and the colors reminded me of Fall. So I decided to go with the leaf falling into the milk (or whatever you want it to be). Between creating the assets (vectorizing the text and shapes + leaf), running a sim of the leaf falling and sinking into liquid, cleaning up that sim, rendering, and sending off the final it took a couple days.

If I get some extra time one of these days I think I'll run it through VRay, and throw some DoF in, in After Effects, if I get the time.

[ Edit ] - Here's a link to the final video on their site.