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So this is one of those projects that started before it's time, about three years before it's time to be specific. The original app used some screen caps I took of the Portland area from Google. Then I found the general X and Y equivalents to what the locations latitude and longitude would be on the fake map.

Three years later, I watch a tutorial by Lee Brimlow where he explains how to incorporate Googles Flash API with Adobe Air. I didn't even know there was a Google API for Flash, so I had to do a little test to see if I could get something working. A couple weeks later I've got this to show for it.


Now for a quick rundown on how it all works. Starting with the left top, we've got the types of markers you can place on the map.

  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Shopping
  • Sites

Each one of those buttons have a lit button next to them. If you select or deselect those when there's nothing on the map, nothing will occur. Those buttons are basically a visibility control for the corresponding category type.

Then there are the buttons that'll deal with the markers that have been placed on the map.

  • Clear Map: Clears all the markers that are on the map.
  • Show Favorites: If you've cleared the map, you can select this and it will re-populate the map with the markers you have saved.
  • Load Favorites: Loads a .gglFavs file which loads all your favorites onto the map. Here's a test file that you can download to your computer, and try loading.
  • Save Favorites: Saves a '.gglFavs' file so you can load, edit, or share it at a later time.
  • The favorites list will contain all your favorites. You can select items in this list and the corresponding marker on the map will have a bubble pop-up displaying it's information. This feature makes it easier to find a specific marker if it's in a dense grouping.

Creating Markers

Option 1
Select a category button.
Mouse over the map and you'll see that your cursor is now a category marker.
You can then click on the map and a category marker will be placed.
Option 2
Go up to the search bar, and enter a query.
Then hit 'Enter' or select the 'Search' button.
Default markers will appear on the map matching the results.

Editing Markers

  • Click on the marker and a bubble will pop up where you can fill in the title of the location in the top field. You can put whatever you want in the second field. This field excepts basic html formatting so you have a few options as to how it looks.
  • Right-click on a marker, and you'll be presented with 3 options.
    • Edit Marker Type: Changes the category type of the marker.
    • Edit Content: Edits the content of the marker.
    • Delete: Removes the marker from the map and the favorites list.

Saving Markers

Manually Placed Markers
Click on a marker.
If no content is defined for the marker, the bubble to edit the content will open.
After you've defined the content hit the 'Save' button in the bottom corner of the bubble, and the item will be saved to the favorites list.
Search Markers
Click on a marker.
A bubble will open displaying the locations data.
Select the 'Save' button in the bottom corner of the bubble, and the item will be saved to the favorites list.

Map Controls

On the far right center of the map there's a control bar. This bar contains controls for:

  • Zooming In
  • Zooming Out
  • Set map type to Street Map
  • Set map type to Satellite Imagery
  • Set map type to Terrain

You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. I've read that there may be issues using the mouse wheel if you have a MAC, so those users will have to use the zoom controls on the side.