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I received an email from a blast from the past. The employer that gave me my start in web design and development, Caelestis. They wanted me to do a re-design of their Ford N Tractor website.

This was a bigger challenge than the previous sites I did for them because I had to do every existing page, including their catalog and cart system. Luckily I didn't have to make the connection with their cart system, just make it work visually. And by that I mean I made a GUI that when the user interacted with it, it'd update in real-time using Javascript.

Ford n Tractor before & after

Ford n Tractor gallery page

Ford n Tractor contact page

Ford n Tractor search

Ford n Tractor added to cart

This was my first foray into a cart system, and I'm really happy with how the design and functionality turned out.

Ford n Tractor cart page

Ford n Tractor shipping page

Ford n Tractor billing 01

Ford n Tractor billing 02

Ford n Tractor order success