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I was tasked with redesigning the main practice site for Dental Dynamics. This project presented many challenges. For one, the whole site was built in WordPress and this would be my first time diving into WordPress. This alone was a bit challenging since I not only had to redesign and develop a new site, but I also had to learn and utilize the WordPress codex.

Some of the features that needed to be implemented into the new version of the site were.

• A consolidation of all the fractured data over the site into clear and concise categories that'd be easily understood and navigable to the user.

• Dynamic and easily editable header content that'd be animatable, and recognized by search engines.

Background Image
Client Image
Client Name
Testimonial Text
Before & After Images

• A portable contact form that could be activated via a button click, or embedded on any page.

Dental Dynamics contact form

• A way to easily add and display social media links related to the practice.

Dental Dynamics social media links

• A way to easily add or edit basic business information such as address, phone number, etc.

Dental Dynamics business info 01

Dental Dynamics business info 02

• A gallery system that could be easily implemented through the WP interface.

Dental Dynamics gallery page

Here's the shortCode used to create the gallery above.

Dental Dynamics gallery short code