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Some friends from work have been bakin' up a batch Mead for the past couple weeks and they wanted to get a label made up for their bottles. They were going to call it DAUG mead which is a mix of Dachshund and Pug. So they gave me a couple references of what they wanted on the bottle as far as the dogs were concerned but they were going to leave everything else up to me.

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After the first round, they said they liked my treatment of the dogs but wanted more flourish and to incorporate the year and somehow the winter solstice. After hopping on Google and figuring out what the winter solstice actually was I came up with an icon that encompassed that theme and slapped the year on it.

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They looked it over, and decided it'd be easier when cutting the label out and more cost effective as far as printing to simplify things.

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I was on the right track at this point so after a few more revisions I finally got the ok from them.

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