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This was one of those projects I have a love hate relationship with. We were tasked with converting some well known 2-d characters into 3-d. This is never easy, especially since there are so many cheats available to people creating a 2-d character. We were given some random references and basically had to figure out what was similar between all the different variations of the characters to come up with a compilation that equaled the essence of the character.

In the beginning I was given the mom character, and two others were in charge of the father, and son. Here's one of the main references that I used during the building of the mother.

Reference images

So from that I came up with, what I admit is a pale comparison, but it was a start.

Charmin Bear mom model 01

The next day I took another hard look at my reference, and dove in. I do realize that she looks a bit stoned, but I was modeling her that way so it'd be easier to texture the face.

Charmin Bear mom model 02

After some crits from producers and people at Charmin, and more staring at reference.

Charmin Bear mom model 03

Here's what we finally settled on.

Charmin Bear mom model final

After I completed the mom, they liked what I did so much that they gave me the son as well since there was a lot of trouble getting him correct. Here's the result of him after a couple days of work.

Charmin Bear son model 01

And here are the two of them together.

Charmin Bears mom and son models