Charger Crash

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I was in the mood to play around with a Charger model that I built a while ago. I rigged it up so that the steering wheel had proper locking rotation of the front wheels, and so that when you moved the main controller back and forth the wheels would spin appropriately. There's also a control to disable the auto-roll of the wheels for animating brake locks and such.

So I had this car I wanted to play with, what was I gonna do with it? How bout having it drive through a mine field of sorts? Yeah that'll work. I was basically looking for an excuse to play around FumeFX. It's a pretty fun plugin to use except for the disk space it eats up. Good thing though, once you run a sim you can use that info on multiple fumes in once scene, which in a scene like this, is perfect.

Once I animated and rendered everything, I took it into After Effects and put it all together, which you'll see at that last half of the video.