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This was an interesting project. It was the first time I got to go on a shoot. Which translates to field trip!

Me and a group of co-workers had to go out to a hospital and take some photos for this interactive simulation. We didn't use all the photos because we never got the go ahead to produce the whole thing. What I have here is a concept that we ended up having to whip together rather quickly. Hence why #6 is blank, the content wasn't finished for that section.

The idea behind this was to have new employees go through this course instead of watching an outdated video or having somebody who's trying to work a job show a new person the ropes. This would've allowed the user to do all the basic everyday computer and customer care tasks in a less stressful controlled environment.

All the info is pulled from an XML. Inside this XML there are many nodes of different types. Once the app was built there would've been a huge array of node types that could be customized into any situation.