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I had the idea for this after watching an episode of Stargate Universe. I really like the effect they have of the.. I'll just call it space wash, that flows over the ships force field. It reminded me of the cloud vapor that flows over an airplane. So my brain got working on how I could achieve such an effect, but first I needed something for the effect to flow over. I decided I'd go with a mixture of an asteroid and comet.

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Holy Bat Particles Batman!

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I was watching the Dark Knight and had the thought "I bet I could make particle system of bats", so I did. Granted it's not as complicated as the ones they used. I'm still learning how to program particles to do my bidding, but once I do, I might update this post with some swarming bats.

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Charger Crash

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I was in the mood to play around with a Charger model that I built a while ago. I rigged it up so that the steering wheel had proper locking rotation of the front wheels, and so that when you moved the main controller back and forth the wheels would spin appropriately. There's also a control to disable the auto-roll of the wheels for animating brake locks and such.