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Intel - Anti-Theft Technology

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This project was pretty straight forward. There were a number of scenes that needed a badge tracked onto a laptop. As usual, there were no tracking markers, so there was a lot of hand tracking. The one thing I did enjoy about this project was getting the badge to blend with the original scene. There's a lot of subtle shading, and in some instances light reflections that occur.

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Microsoft Mobile - Handheld Technology

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For this project I had to duplicate the style of a previous animation that had already been completed. I was given most of the visual elements, but some had to be created. Besides that, the whole thing had to be blocked out and animated to match the VO (voice over) that was already recorded. The whole thing took about a couple days.

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HP - Inkology

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This was a pretty fun project. There were a lot of things going on. A list of the things I had to accomplish was, title cards for different sections of the DVD, and accentuating the lecture with animations that are integrated into the video elements. It was a fairly challenging project due to the fact that there was a fair amount of motion tracking and roto, yet there

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Hotel Modera logo animation

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A friend of mine works at the Modera Hotel downtown. We've been making videos for a looong time, since high school. He recently hit me up to do a short animated logo for the end of a video he was putting together for the hotel. One of those videos that, when you get into your room, turn on the TV, you'll see a video about the hotel or city.

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Glove Buddie

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This is for a product designed by a guy in the Mt. Hood area. Basically you attach the Glove Buddie to a heating vent in your car, then you strap a wet glove to the device and the cars heater will dry the glove.

Did a lot of work on this. Asset creation, character rigging, texturing, animation, rendering, & and editing.

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Ocean Warrior - Hong Kong

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This was a project for Stardust Interactive. Me and a team of 4 others were working for months creating models and concept art for a game called Ocean Warrior. It was going to be a mix between Tony Hawk and WaterWorld.