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Here's a bunch of pics I took for a photography class in college. They're not gonna win any prizes, but there's a lot to say for composition and color.

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Self Portrait

Clothing has always been a bit of a hurdle. Recently we've been studying the way clothing folds when it sits on a subject. While sitting in another class I started sketching and came up with this. With no reference mind you, all outta the ol' noodle.

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Everybody's gotta go

Done for an illustration class. I can't remember the subject, but just think how nice it'd be to be a mummy when you ran outta TP. .. no really, just thiiiinnnk about it.

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It Came From Outer Space

This was an assignment for an illustration class. Can't remember the teacher, but he gave out some fun assignments. I love aliens or anything in the outer space genre, so this was right up my alley. We were supposed to just use pencil for the medium on this one.

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Done as a tattoo design for a friend at work.

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Can't remember the exact assignment. But we were basically supposed to make some kind of collage and it had to have 3 elements in common or something like that. The original title for this was 3 Chicks and I actually had 3 hand-drawn baby chicks next to each illo. Sexist maybe, but baby chicks are so cute right, so I get points for that.