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Blue Caribou

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There was a local record store looking for a logo. It was a scale piece, basically anyone could submit a logo, and if it got chosen, you'd get paid. I didn't get chosen but I still like the piece. Oh, the stores name was Blue Caribou, in case you thought I was just making up random shit.

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Glove Buddie Instructional

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This is for a product designed by a guy in the Mt. Hood area. Basically you attach the Glove Buddie to a heating vent in your car, then you strap a wet glove to the device and the cars heater will dry the glove. I was given one of the products to work with which really helped getting the proper angles and such.

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Can't remember exactly how this came about. I know I was messin' about with some friends at work and some how Domokun came up. Which led to me wanting to build a 3-d model of'm when I got home. Then I rigged it up and posed the two characters and added some voice bubbles in PS.

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Adherion assets

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We were making this virtual lounge that people would be able go login to for the Adherion site. So I was in charge of making a lot of 3-d assets to place around the lounge. Production of the lounge didn't go very far, but here are a couple of the images I liked.

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This was a character design for a game that me and my friend Ben were working on for the game Mass Entropy for Guerilla Contingent. We got a fair distance into this project. He actually came up with a system where me and him could control different characters over the net. It was pretty funny

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Honey Bear

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This was an avatar I created for my girlfriend. Honey Bear was a nickname I called her quite a bit ( I know, sappy, waddya gonna do ). Doesn't change the fact that this is still pretty good. Sketched the bear out, scanned it, then colored it in PS.