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Banfield - Dogs On The Run

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Since I was 1 of 2 artists in the building I was approached to come up with a logo for our companies running team, Dogs on the Run. My original thought was greyhounds, since they're the fastest and all. But then they said they wanted them to be humanoid, so I was like "you want werewolves?

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Banfield - Bark Sale

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This is one of those things I got roped into. Every year there's a fund-raising thing of some kind or another. And this year there was a bake sale (or bark sale, awww how cute). So my team wanted me to come up with a sign for our area. And I dunno where it came from but the first idea I had was a bone

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Banfield - Pet Protect tongue clips

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My co-worker Bill, who I think is one of my biggest fans here (as far as work), is always getting me to do interesting projects. For this one he wanted me to make an instructional about the proper use of these clips. So we took some reference photos and I drew it up in Flash.

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Banfield - Ureter Deferens

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I don't get to do much painted illustrations around here, plus I haven't done many fleshy paintings in my life, so I wanted to do a good job on this one. Between this and some other things that I was working on I think this took me about a week or so.

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  1. Started a new painting. This is a little more old school for me, the content comes from some personal stuff.
  2. I switched directions (for the better I believe), I wanted
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WakeKite - Surf Expo Poster (+ extras)

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I've done a lot of illustrations for WakeKite since the beginning. Thought I'd share a couple of'm now with yuh. The first being off to the left there, a poster I drew up for 2006 Surf Expo.