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Digital Clock

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I was watching an episode of Dr. Who, the one where the "Master" takes over the world, turns the Doctor into one of those Harry Potter servant lookin' dudes, and is flying around in a big sky ship. Well in the background there's this digital clock that's always counting away. And I noticed that instead of just blinking to the next number, it appeared to flip, like an old analog clock.

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HR Monitor

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Just felt like messing around with the Bitmap class. I had to make something like this for another job but I didn't know about BitmapData and had to use lineTo, what a pain in the ass it was to try to get splines to act like pixels. The Bitmap class is muh buddy now.

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Map Selector

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This came about from a couple places. First I was watching Eagle Eye and I noticed what looked like a satellite scanning parts of a map on one of the screens in the background. I thought to myself "it might be kinda handy to have something like that in case I ever make a movie that needs something like that". So then I started thinking of how I would do that.

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This is no where near done. But I liked it enough to post it, cuz I likes it's moxy. I started this to familiarize myself further with OOP and Flash Develop. Also I felt like drawing, animating, and making a robot work. My favorite part is the double-jump. The length of the flame is determined by the distance from the robot to the ground, so it appears that the thrust is decreasing as you

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Banfield - Front Desk Sim

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This was an interesting project. It was the first time I got to go on a shoot. Which translates to field trip!

Me and a group of co-workers had to go out to a hospital and take some photos for this interactive simulation. We didn't use all the photos because we never got the go ahead to produce the whole thing. What I have here

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Morse Keyboard

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This was going to be for a login screen or some kind of kiosk interface in the Ocean Warrior game. Give it a go, unfortunately it doesn't have the space character in there, but go crazy with any other letters.