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Banfield - Pyramid of Evidence

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Nothing really special about the content of this one. It's all about the pyramid. Each section is programmed to move away from it's corresponding piece. So for example if you click on the middle section, the top piece will move up and the bottom piece will move down. Where if you click on the bottom piece both the middle and top will move up. Giving a

Banfield - Millionaire thumbnail

Banfield - Millionaire

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When I first started working here they had a couple game interactions and there were plans for this one. After they saw what I could do they put it on my plate and this is what I came up with.

It's all XML driven so you can customize it anyway that you want.

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Banfield - OxyCon

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Another interactive training tool to teach newbs how to use the OxyCon machine. It's rare that I get to use photos in an app since the hospitals are running on slow internet lines, but this one got the o-k. So we went and took some pics and I broke everything up into workable pieces. Then animated some bits and programmed others. One cool thing is when you have to

Banfield - Clinical Studies thumbnail

Banfield - Clinical Studies

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This is one of the first animations I did while at Banfield. And boy did it go through a lot of iterations. From ethnicity to uniforms, this thing was a monkey on my back for a while. Now that's it's in my rear-view, it's a nice little piece showing off some icons and storytelling.

Banfield - Insulin Injection thumbnail

Banfield - Insulin Injection

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This piece holds a bit of irony for me. When I got done with, I found out about a week later that my moms cat had diabetes and that was going to need to be doing the exact thing that I just animated.

About the piece itself. I hand-animated the hand and the

WakeKite - Kite Designer thumbnail

WakeKite - Kite Designer

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I began creation of this for slightly selfish purposes. I was going to have to create a lot of designs and mock-ups for this product, so I decided to make an app that would allow me to create many different variations quickly. Also, in order to update designs category, you just have to create a new graphic. I was also hoping that in the future we'd be able to put this on the site, and allow the user to create their own kite.