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Banfield - Cluster Scheduling

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This took me about a week to put together. Since this was a one-shot there was no development of characters or anything so the whole thing had to be hand-drawn. I haven't really done anything this complicated (by hand) so this was a challenge.

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Banfield - Advantage Multi protection cycles

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For this they needed me to demonstrate the seasons where mosquitoes were most prominent and when it was most important to use the pet care product. But they also wanted to demonstrate that even when there aren't a lot of bugs out there's still a chance that a mosquito could bite your pet.

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Banfield - Advantage Multi

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They wanted to liven up some images they had in a course so they gave me a couple images showing how to apply this product and how long it takes to spread through the pet and take affect. The longest part was the hand-drawn animation at the beginning, the rest was just motion-tweens.

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Banfield - Anesthesia Monitoring

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This was one of the longest projects I've worked on at Banfield. A lot of that time was spent trying to get the health monitor to work correctly.I ended up coming up with a system of drawing vector lines and masks in order to get lines to appear that they're drawing over each other.

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Banfield - Surgical Prep 2

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I rarely if never use shape-tweens, but in this case it created a really cool effect.

I had to demonstrate the proper way to intubate a pet. What I heard from that was 'X-Ray effect'. So I drew up the cat, the x-ray cat, and the other assets and got to animating. It was fun building and animating the skull rig,

Banfield - Surgical Prep 1 thumbnail

Banfield - Surgical Prep 1

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This was one of those things I would never think to make. But it's definitely one of the more original things I've made in Flash. I mean c'mon, how many apps out there allow you to shave a cat? .. be honest now.

For this app I drew the cat with an already shaved belly