added: Nov. 24th, 2017
Category : TV   Genre : Anime
Lastman image

I know Anime is described as Japanese animation, but I feel like the style of beautifully animated, adult oriented television, has been adopted by multiple countries. As is the case with Lastman.

Lastman is a French animated series about a boxer trying to find out who killed his friend (at first). As the series progresses, you start to realize that the world being shown you, is not like the Earth we know, and there are some strange things going on.

A couple things this series has on traditional Anime is the character design and pacing. Some Anime will stretch some episodes out with filler, but each episode only weighs in at about 12 minutes so there's no time to waste. Some of the characters have a slightly exaggerated appearance, but they're all weighted in reality, demonstrating an excellent understanding of anatomy. All the characters are unique in appearance as well (except for the twins). Having all the characters look different adds to the believability and reality of the world. It's like watching a comicbook come to life; I thoroughly enjoyed watching the series.