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My hat goes off to you unkown soldier

So today was another gloriously shitty day of apartment hunting. I'm starting to think that October wasn't the right month to put in notice... anyway. My day wasn't completely bad. I was waiting at a bus stop out in the Beaverton area, drinking some chai from my trusty bullet thurmis. And I slump down a bit on the bench (relaxing for the first time today), and I look off to my right, and what do my hazels see? Some guy really working a giant Quiznos cup costume. He was wigglin' and struttin', then suddenly all the rage in me subsided... and I believe my heart grew 3 sizes and I realized that Christmas didn't need presents but just the ones you cared about...

Man, it was one of those moments that I wish I carried a video camera with me so I could savor that forever. So to the unknown soldier manning that beautifully over sized soft-drink cup... I salute you sir.

Public Transportation

Ok, so I haven't had the best of luck on the bus for the past couple weekends. I have the ability to either get off way before my stop or way after. Today I had better luck, got off at the right stop, yay for me. But to digress, on my way home from my little excursion some dick in the back of the bus just randomly yelled out "You're the worse driver I know", and it was pretty quiet when this happened. Nobody said anything for about a minute, the little bit of chatter that was going on just halted. I haven't ridden the bus for a while (I try to walk wherever I need to go), but speaking from my years of experience riding Portland transit, this guy was driving like all the other bus drivers... well the normal drivers I guess... he was driving normal is what I'm trying to say.


Our tax dollars at work

So I was takin' a stroll up to the Rose Garden. And there was this fire truck parked on the side of the road, and 3 firefighters huddled around a fire hydrant. One guy was trying to open the hydrant from the top... or something, I dunno really, he had some kind of wrench around the top nut. And the other two guys were just standin' around eggin' him on, yuh know, "twist it harder" "oh you can't get it", etc. Well as I was walking by, there was this loud pop, and the firefighters got quite. Then the two guys were like "way to go, you broke it" "you weren't listening, we told you to take it off not brake it", and the guy with the wrench was just "but I was just twisting it".

It was like I was watching the PFD's version of the three stooges or something.

It's like ray-e-ane on a sunny day

Ok, so this is a little belated, but the day after I saw the beaver petting lady, I had to go back downtown. And it was during the Race for the Cure (the race supporting the cure for Cancer, for those who didn't know). Well I dunno if they were just handing out shirts to people or what. Cuz I saw people waiting for the max (like they were gonna ride to the finish line), and one dude standing around smoking. Now I dunno bout you, but wearing a "cure Cancer" shirt and smoking just seems... moronic, contradictory? So I got to thinking, maybe this guy is racing for the cure, so that when the day arises that he finally gets cancer from smoking, they'll finally have a cure... or maybe he stole it off another racer.... if anybody else has any theories, feel free to share.


What Dis?

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