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Snow Day

First snow day at my new place.

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Life, Snow Day

Snow Day

So this started out all well and good, then "the biggest snow storm in 7 years" happened. Right before Christmas, right before I was supposed to drive down home. Ohhh Oregon, you trixter you. In the beginning of these pics I was happy, then slowly I got the cabin fever, and decided to dig my car out and the wall of snow behind it so I could drive home to my moms on Christmas day. On the brightside, there was barely any traffic, so after I got outta the sludge that surrounded Portland/Salem it was smooth sailing. I slept like a rock that night.

Snow Angel

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Snow Day!

Ok, so this mornin' I woke up, went out into the living room and noticed my heat was on, thought to myself "I could've sworn I turned that off before I went to bed", looked at the thermostat and sure enough it was off. Thought to myself again "shit must be cold out", cracked open a blind, and saw all the frosty covered goodness.

After a toasty shower I decided to suit up and go for a walk around the neighborhood and check everything out. And here are some of my favorite images outta the trek.

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