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Sketchbook 2008

So I spent a lot of time riding back and forth from home to work & work to home over the last year. That leaves me with about 3 hours a day that I've gotta keep myself busy with. When it's not raining out or I feel the urge come over me, I break my sketchbook out. And trust me, if there's anything that'll loosen up your style, it's trying to draw on a crowded bumpy bus. Plus if you can ink on a bus, you can ink anywhere.

Aside from keeping my mind busy, I like to use my sketchbook as a sort of journal of the people or strange things that I see during my rides. Trust me, you ride long enough you see some stuff. Here are some of the pages I liked the most.

2008-12-17 015 thumb

2008-12-17 018 thumb

Sketchbook 2007

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