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I recently finished watching the first (and only) season of Firefly again and was curious as to what the cast was up to. One thing led to another and somehow I went from IMDB to Google to a site that had some Lightwave tutorials on how to build the Serenity. These tutorials are great reference on all the parts of the ship, but I use 3DS Max for my 3D work, and Max doesn't like Booleans too much. Frankly I don't either, they make for a messy mesh. I bring this up because the guy who made the tutorials tends to use Booleans for every other step.

So I'm gradually working my way through the tuts building one section at a time, but it's taking a while due to not taking the shortcuts of Boolean. And since I'm building this thing from the ground up I'm making a few modifications along the way. You diehard fans out there may be able to spot the differences, but I make the changes outta love and the belief that they make for a better ship.

The Reactor

Jan. 19 - 28 - Didn't work on it every day. The days I did work on it, the hours ranged from 2-6 hours of work.

Serenity model image - 01 Serenity model image - 02 Serenity model image - 03 Serenity model image - 04 Serenity model image - 04b

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