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Sketchbook 2008

So I spent a lot of time riding back and forth from home to work & work to home over the last year. That leaves me with about 3 hours a day that I've gotta keep myself busy with. When it's not raining out or I feel the urge come over me, I break my sketchbook out. And trust me, if there's anything that'll loosen up your style, it's trying to draw on a crowded bumpy bus. Plus if you can ink on a bus, you can ink anywhere.

Aside from keeping my mind busy, I like to use my sketchbook as a sort of journal of the people or strange things that I see during my rides. Trust me, you ride long enough you see some stuff. Here are some of the pages I liked the most.

2008-12-17 015 thumb

2008-12-17 018 thumb

Best packing ever

Haven't had a lot of time to post lately. But I've been saving this for a couple weeks now just cuz I found it amusing. I ordered a package off of Amazon and this is what came. Wrapped in brown paper, addressed to 'Tervor' on a yellow post-it note. The item was in fine shape, just didn't expect this quality of a delivery.



Sketchbook 2007

It's true.. I'm MAGICAL!

This is probably the only time I was actually happy to hear my name in something. Anytime it's in a movie or TV the guy's usually some rich douche bag or more recently, a dog.. who the fuck names their dog Trevor?

Episode 01

This can be yours for the low low price of too much!

Man, I love CraigsList.

1986 Subaru 4-door truck. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! - $700

Hey, I'm selling my 86 Subaru. It's a 4 door "sedan/truck", it's got 4 wheel drive. Manual transmission. It's under 150K and ready for another 100. I really hate to see it go, but I got a new truck and my parents said that if I don't get rid of it, they will. I will consider any offer. So here's the deal, I bought it about a year ago with a reconstructed title (it had been rear ended). I cut off the trunk and turned it into a truck. The bed is surprisingly sturdy. I just got brand new tags for it less than 2 weeks ago. It runs and drives awesome, I just need it gone. It could also be a good work truck. You could put ladders, lumber tools, whatever up on the roof rack. I will also be including the box in the bed. It has no serious damage (unless you consider my modification to be damage). Please 700 OBO MAKE ME AN OFFER. I'M DESPERATE TO SELL IT. If you have any questions feel free to call me at (503) 936-6021. Thanks

P.S. I also have an 85 Honda accord that i'm trying to sell for 300 bucks, but I'll sell them both for 800. take a look at the pics.

truck bed welded to car

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My hat goes off to you unkown soldier

So today was another gloriously shitty day of apartment hunting. I'm starting to think that October wasn't the right month to put in notice... anyway. My day wasn't completely bad. I was waiting at a bus stop out in the Beaverton area, drinking some chai from my trusty bullet thurmis. And I slump down a bit on the bench (relaxing for the first time today), and I look off to my right, and what do my hazels see? Some guy really working a giant Quiznos cup costume. He was wigglin' and struttin', then suddenly all the rage in me subsided... and I believe my heart grew 3 sizes and I realized that Christmas didn't need presents but just the ones you cared about...

Man, it was one of those moments that I wish I carried a video camera with me so I could savor that forever. So to the unknown soldier manning that beautifully over sized soft-drink cup... I salute you sir.


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