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6 Degrees of Alicia Keys

Ok, so this is one of those random life occurrences. Every morning (unless I'm under some kind of deadline), I get up, dick around on the internet, then start my day (shower, food, work). Well one of the 'dicking around' sites I frequent is DeviantArt. I have a set of artists I've added to my 'watch' list, and like to keep up with. Well, Alvin Lee posted this in his blog area.

6 Degrees of Alicia Keys image - AlvinLee_post

Bens Tat

A friend I've had for a long time now asked me to come up with a tattoo for him that looked like his arm was torn open and there were cybernetics beneath the skin, and also if I could incorporate a Lily and a Rose (the names of his daughters). At first I was like "uhh, errr, I dunno". But after some thought I came up with the idea that the flowers would be growing out of the torn hole. Makes sense when you think about it, his girls came from his blood, so the flowers are sprouting from inside of the machine.

I had him take measurements of the area on his arm where he wanted it. I then drew up that size on some paper and got to work. I scanned the line art in and painted it up. He has both the line-art and color.

Glass (self portrait)

This was a fun piece to work on. I wanted to make something with my sig so I just started sketchin' and came up with this.

After that I decided I wanted to paint it as well. I wanted to try something different with this piece though. So I found a good picture of some cardboard, and threw that in as the background.

After about a month I was finally able to get back to this thing but my portrait had changed a bit. So I gave myself a shave in PS and also fixed a couple little things that were bothering me about the original sketch.

I wanted it to look like I actually drew/painted on the cardboard so I tried to keep things pretty loose and if I made a mistake I tried to paint over it much like I would in real life. When I got to a point that I could call this done I decided to add the shadow for the arm to pop it out of the cardboard a little, give it a little surrealism.

Kels Tyler

I met up with an old friend from work for lunch to talk a little business and just catch up in general. After eating, talking, and saying our goodbyes I started to get that itch to draw. So when I got home I came up with this. Kelsey is her, and Tyler's her kid.

Lets see if I can explain a little about this. She's a job scout, and I was meeting up with her to see if she had any potential prospects (hence the money sign for the 'S'). Then at the base of the 'S' is the Columbia logo. Can't remember why, but I think it's cuz we were both wearing Columbia jackets and that was a talking point... The Xmas tree cuz it was Christmas time and I felt like drawing one. And her kids name is a dinosaur, cuz ... I think her kid liked to go around acting like one.. like roaring and attacking and stuff, and she liked the Land Before Time movies. I basically like to incorporate as much random shit into my drawings as I can.

Trangs Tat

A cute little co-worker of mine hit me up for a tattoo design, how could I say no? She wanted a cross and a flower. I asked her for some reference images of what she was looking for. After she figured out what she wanted and gave me the images I had an idea of style and color. And this is the result.

Chalk It Up

Ok, so I did Chalk it Up:for Literacy last year and didn't get any pictures. This year I did this..

Chalk it Up image - 01

It's the Tree of Knowledge. Last year I didn't really put much thought into what I did, so I did this year. If you don't know what the ToK is, look it up. So a quick explanation. The bottom is a an empty apple seed, the text that looks like an "S" is actually 'read'. The top is symbolic of the snake, and if you flip it over, you'll see that the red outline's an apple. I sketched up and painted the image on the night before, I might go back some day and clean it up, kinda liked the idea.

What Dis?

My name's Trevor Lemon, and this is my blog. I'll try to update it with whatever I'm working on, random thoughts, links to shit I think is cool; whatever I deem worthy I suppose.

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