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Fuck You Can, I Am Man!

Ok, so I've been packing, trashing, and storage-ing(?) my shit for about a week now. I had everything fairly well planned out until today. The night before I finally got my whole kitchen packed. And I mean packed, it was like Tetris but with canned goods and kitchen wares.

So my plan for food during the move was real basic. Tuna fish sandwiches. You got meat and bread, what else do you need. Well apparently, a can opener you fuck tard.

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Slamdance Road Trip (quotes)

So during our little road trip, a lot of funny random things were said, and they must be recorded before they are forgotten. These aren't in any order.

"Get the Bear Stick!" - Alyssa had this stick in the back of her car with bells on it. Her dad works for the forestry department, and gave this to her in case she's in the woods and runs into a bear.

"Not It" - A classic but a goody. And was said on many occasions during the trip.

This was just a funny occurrence. On one of our mornings we stopped off at an Elmers to get some breakfast and Evan was acting silly, talking about something flailing his arms around, when his hand comes down on his spoon and powdered sugar goes everywhere.


So I've been doing some much needed cleaning/sorting, and I came across some slips of paper I stole from a game of Balderdash me and some friends played a looooong time ago. I knew at the time that they had to be recorded into the annals of history.

CED - Certified Educator of the Dead

CED - Carnaly Educated Dolphins

PHCA - Phalic Ham Carving Association

and then just plain ol'

Paleo Fugly


Running Man

So if I'm lucky I get to ride the Mohawk bus on my way home. There's two 96 buses. One goes by my house on it's way back to Portland (the Mohawk) and the other goes to Wilsonville. Well I got the good one today and that usually means I get a little alone time with the bus driver cuz I'm the only one left. So we were chattin' about how people are dicks and don't usually let people who just got off the bus cross the street. So he usually blocks traffic with his bus to let people go across. That sparked this conversation

Me - Yeah I usually just walk across the street no matter what, the way I figure it, if they hit me I'll just sue'm.

Driver - But then you won't have legs.

Me - So!? The future is now, I'll just get some bionic legs.

Driver - Like Steve Austin.

Me - Totally. And I'll have to get a red running suit, and I'll carry around a boombox so I can play that juh-juh-juh Million dollar man sound effect with me.

Driver - Or what about "the Running Man"?

Me - That's the one with Arnold right?

Driver - Yeah.

Me - Yeah, I could keep the running suit pants, and then just sport a tank top.

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... WTF Netflix.. seriouslly

I'm starting to think that there isn't some person sitting around looking at my rated movies and deciding for me what I should watch.. that maybe, just maybe, it's some kind of fancy calculator with some even fancier Christmas lights wrapped around it. Now I'm not certain of this.. but I'm starting to think this, I will have to do more research before going to the news.

Bad NetFlix suggestion

Since I have not confirmed the fancy calculator theory as of yet, I've temporarily added Funny Factory/Huey, Dewey, & Louie to my queue.



Ok, so if you didn't like MacGyver, then you won't like this post... and you're a deuche.

A little something to get you in the mood.

and the main course. All the MACGYVERISMS. Man, the 80's had some great moments.


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