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FIRST : 3-D Movie

So I finally got around to seeing Avatar. I was waiting for the crowds to die down a bit, but surprisingly, even on a Wednesday evening the theater was packed. At least the top half anyway, who really sits in the bottom rows unless they really have to right?

This was my first time watching a movie in 3-D, and I'm glad I waited until this movie to do so. It took a little while for my brain to adjust to the fact that when I looked at something in the foreground that no matter how hard my eyes tried they weren't going to focus. I'm glad that it wasn't filled with gimmicky effects either. You know, blatantly throwing things out towards the audience. There was none of that "it's in 3-D, so we'd better be using it constantly". Everything was fairly passive so as to let the audience really sink into this beautiful environment.

I remember there were a few instances where I was like "whoah, ha, that was just the movie". For example when a character would walk into frame from the foreground or around the end there was some chanting and their hands and arms were raised into the air. I almost told the people in front of me to "sit down" or "put your hands down". It was a great movie, and a lot of fun to watch. The price tag's a bit steep, but if you're ever going to see a 3-D movie, go check out Avatar.

Oh, and for 12 bucks, I sure as fuck kept my glasses

Skull with shades

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Nuthuh one of lifes milestones

Ok, so I went to the Burg for a couple days. Finally escaped Tualatin on Christmas afternoon, FU snow, mwah ha ha. Any way, I was on my way back today and I was stopped by this nice gentleman that had a car with these pretty lights on top of his car (I guess he's one of those that keeps his Xmas decorations up for a while). And I guess I've been invited to Willy Wonkas factory!

I hit the first in a long line of speed trackers up to Portland, and even though it was my first offense the dude couldn't let me off cuz I was going to fast. I'll have to find out just how fast you can go over the limit for them to let you off.. for other's.. cuz I'm not gonna do it again.


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Project 'Clear Tunes' : Complete

I was planning to install my new stereo this morning while it was still cool out. So in order to ensure I could do that I had to solder a couple wiring harnesses to the harness that came with my deck.

Stereo installation image - 01

This whole process took me a couple hours. The last time I did any soldering was in Jr High, on stained glass, with proper tools. When I began I figured I could just use a cigar lighter, heat up the wires, and apply the solder. Wrong. The wires (and the lighter) had no problem heating up (I have roughened fingertips to prove that), but the heat wasn't sustained long enough to melt the solder. So I switched my whole approach around.

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So last night was a 2 birthday/bachelor party celebration. Being my first time to a strip joint, it was pretty cool. Plenty o' T&A, and wittle bit o' P. Someone was nice enough to buy me a private dance (as private as you can get with your friends staring on, and NO Kyoko, my face did not look like that). A good group of people showed up, we ate some tasty vittles, caught up on shit, saw some nakedness. All in all, pretty good night. Oh, and I believe Jason and I's stripper baby will be born in October, like most things in a strip club it'll be premature.

Edit - Oh, and another first. I got to be the designated driver. Which I didn't know I was until we were walking to the car. Been a while since I was behind the wheel, still got it.

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My first drug test: by Trevor Lemon

Today I had to go to a place called LabCorp in the far off land of Westur Linnd. I had to mount many slow Trimet-uh-sahrus' during my journey. On the first I met a large Indian who was kind enough to show me a shortcut, if I had heeded the advice of the robot that gave me my original instructions, my sand may have run out. After some time, and un-mounting my second steed in the Lake of O, I began the final leg of my journey. I saw the Webb that was spoken of on my map and lept from my four legged transpo. This must've angered the gods, because where there was once sun, now was only rain.

Once I regained my bearings, I headed east. After I was sufficiently soaked, I finally found residence at my destination. I entered, and with a glance from the maid at the counter, I was prompted to go down to the depths of the laboratory. The next part of my quest was not going to be as easy as I'd thought. I had not eaten or consumed much water before I departed. And before I was allowed to leave I had to fill a cup to a drawn line. Now the spirit was willing, but the body was just not able at that time.

Firsts, Life

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