Starting to question my neighborhood

Ok, so I was going through the normal prep before bed (aka dickin' around on the internetz). Then suddenly I start hearing some rabid barking and screaming. First thought that rolls through the noggin' "Did I leave my TV on.. or did it come on by itself.." On my way to check if my TV was possessed by poltergeists I noticed the sound was coming from my front window. I go to my window and there's a fucking drug bust going on outside. One dog unit (man + dog) and 4 police. There was one guy on his stomach in front of my window with a back pack out to the side of him and another guy crying behind the steps, also in front of my window. I couldn't see the crying guy but I sure as hell could hear him.

So while they're getting all they're possessions dragged from their pockets the German Shepard is standing on his hind legs being restrained by his keeper.

... I was thinking of playing that Bad Boys song out my window, but I didn't feel like answering any questions with a dog clamped down on my balls. Man, I'm a little bummed I didn't get a picture. Think the PD would be up for staging a drug bust in exchange for a photo-op?


What Dis?

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