Snow Day!

Ok, so this mornin' I woke up, went out into the living room and noticed my heat was on, thought to myself "I could've sworn I turned that off before I went to bed", looked at the thermostat and sure enough it was off. Thought to myself again "shit must be cold out", cracked open a blind, and saw all the frosty covered goodness.

After a toasty shower I decided to suit up and go for a walk around the neighborhood and check everything out. And here are some of my favorite images outta the trek.

Snow day image - 01

Snow day image - 02

Snow day image - 03

Snow day image - 04

Snow day image - 05

Snow day image - 06

Snow day image - 07

Snow day image - 08

Snow day image - 09

Snow day image - 10

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