Slamdance Road Trip (quotes)

So during our little road trip, a lot of funny random things were said, and they must be recorded before they are forgotten. These aren't in any order.

"Get the Bear Stick!" - Alyssa had this stick in the back of her car with bells on it. Her dad works for the forestry department, and gave this to her in case she's in the woods and runs into a bear.

"Not It" - A classic but a goody. And was said on many occasions during the trip.

This was just a funny occurrence. On one of our mornings we stopped off at an Elmers to get some breakfast and Evan was acting silly, talking about something flailing his arms around, when his hand comes down on his spoon and powdered sugar goes everywhere.

"House Full of Grandpas" - One of the random stories we came up with on our first night of driving.

"You're a Drunk Bitch" - Said by Evan to Alyssa, and the delivery was perfect. Just a joke, but damned priceless.

"Ditch Walker" - I think Alyssa brought this one to the table. Basically it's just someone scary on the side of the road. We just kept yelling it and pointing at random crap.

"Hi Space Train" - explained already.

"Monday Honeymoon" - Euphamism for jerkin' off.

"A Frownie"

"Fruity-ticious" - Can't remember, but just say it.

"Is that your penis or mine?" - ...

"Black-Eye-Guy" - I kept saying this and people thought I was saying 'black guy' over and over.

"Floating" - Apparently, the Mormons do this thing where they put the penis in the vag, but don't move, the just support themselves above the other person, in essence, floating.

"Guy put my head underneath his shirt to feel his chest hair" - a strange happening of a waitress.

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