Slamdance Road Trip (Day 1)

So my friend Evan hit me up to do a logo animation for a video he was working on for the hotel he works at. During the process of making the animation I asked him when he wanted it by, he gave me the date and added that he has a real tight schedule at the moment because he was heading off to Utah in a couple days. I asked him why he was going to Utah, and he informed me that he, Jason, Alyssa, and one of Alyssa's girl friends were going to go see Alyssa's finance (Ian of Macintosh Braun) play at the Slamdance opening party.

I asked what Slamdance was, and it's a film festival much like Sundance (which is happening at the same place and time as Slamdance). I said "wow, that sounds like it'd f'n fun. Haven't been on a road trip in years". Then he mentioned that Alyssa's friend might actually not be able to make it. And I was like "well shit dude, if she can't go I'd love to". Turns out she couldn't, so here's the start of the trip.

Our trek

Slamdance road trip image - 01

Zuh journey begins!

Slamdance road trip image - 02

Slamdance road trip image - 03

Slamdance road trip image - 04

Slamdance road trip image - 05

Slamdance road trip image - 06

Stone Henge.. the Oregon one.

Slamdance road trip image - 07

Never seen our wind turbines before.

Slamdance road trip image - 08

Slamdance road trip image - 09

The scariest part of the trip begins. About an hour later it was pitch black, foggy, with snow and ice on either side of us. We had fun skating around at the rest stop though.

Space train..

Slamdance road trip image - 10

.. GOooo!

Slamdance road trip image - 11

The story behind Space Train. Well as I mentioned above, we went through a patch of fog and pitch-blackness. This happened when we were driving over a mountain pass and at points all we could see was the black sky and stars. The energy was pretty high in the car at this point and we were all talking, singing, joking around. And some how I got off on one of my crazy ramblings which involved our car actually being a spaceship and we were on some adventure to someplace. Well as I was spinning my web, a semi drove by in an on-coming lane that was elevated off to the side of us, and in the middle of my sentence I saw this and said "hey space train". And at that moment all you could see was this block of lights floating by above us, it was surreal, and everyone got a kick out of it.

So when we finally got to and settled into our hotel in Boise, we decided to go get some food and see if there was anything going on. We drove around a little while until we found an area that seemed to have an abundance of food spots. Mind you it was late, so we were having a hard time finding any place that was open. After walking around for a while, and running into this belligerent a-hole with a black eye, we came across a pizza place that's open late into the night called the Pie Hole. It was a nice cozy place with good pizza, reminded me of Escape from New York a bit (another hole-in-the-wall pizza joint in Portland).

After eating, the guys wanted a drink so we walked around a bit more and found an Old Chicago that still had the bar open. They had a couple drinks, we talked, I half flirted with the waitress which turned into her telling us the crazy story about one of her customers grabbing her head and rubbing her face in his chest hair. Also, she was from Portland herself, small world.

Downtown Boise, the Pie Hole was almost smack in the middle of this pic.. and so was Black-Eye-Guy.

Slamdance road trip image - 12

The Posse: 3/4 dick, 1/4 lady bits. Feel free to imagine what me and Jason are thinking.

Slamdance road trip image - 13

Alyssa's sneaky.. or she turned her flash off.

Slamdance road trip image - 14

Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice, but there was just enough fog to make it look like there was a floating Christmas tree.

Slamdance road trip image - 15

Alright, time for bed. Got a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

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