Sketchbook 2008

So I spent a lot of time riding back and forth from home to work & work to home over the last year. That leaves me with about 3 hours a day that I've gotta keep myself busy with. When it's not raining out or I feel the urge come over me, I break my sketchbook out. And trust me, if there's anything that'll loosen up your style, it's trying to draw on a crowded bumpy bus. Plus if you can ink on a bus, you can ink anywhere.

Aside from keeping my mind busy, I like to use my sketchbook as a sort of journal of the people or strange things that I see during my rides. Trust me, you ride long enough you see some stuff. Here are some of the pages I liked the most.

2008-12-17 015 thumb

2008-12-17 018 thumb

2008-12-17 023 thumb

Did this for a co-workers son. He's really into dinosaurs. Since I tend to work on this stuff in small doses, this one kept me busy for a little while, it was a fun one to work on.

2008-12-17 027 thumb

This was a funny day. First, the lady in the top left. We were on our way home and I glance over and see this lady dozin' like many people do, then I noticed the cord from her headphones leading to the latch for the window. After a double-take I realized that she was using the rubber band that was holding the battery in her walkman, to hold it to the window latch; very resourceful, couldn't make that up. And I also saw some dude that was the spitting image Santa talking on a cell phone.

2008-12-17 028 thumb

2008-12-17 034-a thumb

This was a good day for people watching. Starting from left to right along the bottom. There was a guy breakin' over at the Lloyd MAX stop and that pose just stuck in my head so I jotted it down. Then while waiting for my bus back I caught a couple ladies walking with their purses danglin'. Then this random dude with a beany, the sketch doesn't really do him justice; dude had some crazy colors on. And finally, at the last stop before we got on the freeway this beautiful older woman got on wearing this.. I dunno, victorian lacy low cut sweater thing.

2008-12-17 038 thumb

Popeye & a chiseled Supa-man

2008-12-17 039 thumb

Can you read the flames?

2008-12-17 044-a thumb

Dunno why, but I really love that little panda. Probably gonna make a model of'm one of these days.

2008-12-17 046-a thumb

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