Running Man

So if I'm lucky I get to ride the Mohawk bus on my way home. There's two 96 buses. One goes by my house on it's way back to Portland (the Mohawk) and the other goes to Wilsonville. Well I got the good one today and that usually means I get a little alone time with the bus driver cuz I'm the only one left. So we were chattin' about how people are dicks and don't usually let people who just got off the bus cross the street. So he usually blocks traffic with his bus to let people go across. That sparked this conversation

Me - Yeah I usually just walk across the street no matter what, the way I figure it, if they hit me I'll just sue'm.

Driver - But then you won't have legs.

Me - So!? The future is now, I'll just get some bionic legs.

Driver - Like Steve Austin.

Me - Totally. And I'll have to get a red running suit, and I'll carry around a boombox so I can play that juh-juh-juh Million dollar man sound effect with me.

Driver - Or what about "the Running Man"?

Me - That's the one with Arnold right?

Driver - Yeah.

Me - Yeah, I could keep the running suit pants, and then just sport a tank top.

Then my stop came up, and I got off. I peaked from around the bus to see if there was any traffic, there wasn't one way but there was another, so I bolted. And as I got to the sidewalk on the other side I heard in a grizzly low voice screaming..


I turn around and the it was the bus driver, half out his window pumping his fist up and down and he drove by. So I struck a Fontane pose, and then started busting up.

Just seemed like one of those moments in life that could've been scripted, made it all that much better that it wasn't.

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