Public Transportation

Ok, so I haven't had the best of luck on the bus for the past couple weekends. I have the ability to either get off way before my stop or way after. Today I had better luck, got off at the right stop, yay for me. But to digress, on my way home from my little excursion some dick in the back of the bus just randomly yelled out "You're the worse driver I know", and it was pretty quiet when this happened. Nobody said anything for about a minute, the little bit of chatter that was going on just halted. I haven't ridden the bus for a while (I try to walk wherever I need to go), but speaking from my years of experience riding Portland transit, this guy was driving like all the other bus drivers... well the normal drivers I guess... he was driving normal is what I'm trying to say.

So after that long minute, the bus driver yells out "who said that". And man, I felt just like I was back in grade school. One dude near the driver tells him it was a guy near the back, the driver looks in his mirror, and a guy sitting in front of the yeller's like "not me, it was that guy" (pointing behind him). Then the dude stands up all proud "Yeah it was me" and sits back down. This is where things got a little fun. So the driver asks the guy "are you in fear for your life?", and I was like, sweet he's gonna kill the guy. But he was just refering to his driving. The guy responded with "no, but I'm in fear of your braking". You felt a group "ah jesus come on" go through the other riders. So the driver puts on a demonstration for the guy of good driving and bad driving, consisting of examples of good braking and bad braking (which made all of us lurch forward). After another tarded comment, the passengers (including myself) start to unload on the dude, telling him to "get off if he doesn't like the ride", "what do you want, a drink and someone to fluff your pillow? It's public transportation". He didn't say anything after that... but he was unconscious from all of us beating him.

So I don't get the point of complaining to people that have to deal with the public. All they want to do is their job and go home at the end of the day. For some reason people feel it neccessary to unload their problems on these workers, creating a shit snowball that rolls all through out the day. Everyone's got problems but unless those problems are caused by the party you're complaining to, then try to keep it to yourself.


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